" Help me to do it by myself "


Top view of some of the buildings of Montessori Teachers Training Centre -Lushoto


Some of the students-teachers preparing and making Montessori teaching and learning materials at College Workshop


Students-Teachers are surfing through the Internet searching various learning and teaching materials


Graduates of Certificate in Early Childhood in the year 2017 are happy during Graduation Ceremony held at the College Campus


Some of the Graduates of Ordinary Diploma in Primary Education explain to the Guests various Techniques and Materials used in teaching and learning

Guest of Honor

Guest of Honor sat in the middle with some Graduates of Certificates in Early Childhood and Ordinary Primary Diploma in Primary Education

Montessori-Ubiri Nursery School

Children in Class session learning with their Student-Teacher of Early Childhood Certificate during their Block Teaching Practice


Students-Teachers Watching News through Television in the College Dinning Hall

Health Services

St.Michael Dispensary which is located inside the College Compound is the place where by Students-Teachers get their Medical Services



The Library is the heart of the Montessori Teachers Training Centre-Lushoto and is in integral part of the college mission which revolves learning and teaching